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About Teri

In 2002 I arrived in Bali again for an extended visit and discovered a group who were practicing and teaching Reiki Tummo. I had been exposed to Reiki just recently and was fueled by my interest to seek out this group in Bali and try to join them with the hope of receiving the required attunements and some insights.

They were quite happy to include me in spite of the fact that the initial levels were being taught in Indonesian. My desire to learn overcame any concern about the language difficulties and fortunately once I arrived in class most of the students and all the masters spoke English. Imagine how welcome I felt when everyone made this effort within the structure of the program to speak English for the only English student present!

I continued at a motivated pace to work my way through the various advanced levels of study wherever in the world the group met to instruct those interested. This group is internationally known, respected and available to all interested parties.

I look forward to continuing to share the gift I have been given by my Reiki family with all and to refining and advancing with this gift, furthering my ability to share with and assist those who need or desire to connect.

Much Love, Light and continued blessings everyone!

Teri Speed

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